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 Image (1754443) image uploaded on 10-03-14
Broadcast about a month ago at United States, California, サンタ・ローザ=ペトルーマ
by Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Tags: Amy McIlwain, Rob Shore, Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Amy has appeared on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC as a social media expert and her book, The Social Advisor: Social Media Secrets of the Financial Industry, has been featured as a best-seller in the Amazon business category. With her unique background in both online marketing and financial services, it is no wonder Amy McIlwain is one of the most in-demand speakers in the financial industry. Aware that the rapid shifts between traditional and social marketing can be challenging to navigate and harness, she addresses the most pertinent issues regarding social media, resulting in a clear approach that allows you to cut marketing costs, consistently build your network, and increase your revenue. Furthermore, she provides content-packed action items that help you tackle the complex compliant issues within the financial industry so you can yield immediate results.

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 Image (690440) image uploaded on 15-10-13
Broadcast 7 months ago at United States, California, ???·???=?????
by Wholesaler Masterminds Radio

Tags: Randy Pennington, Wholesaler masterminds Radio

Randy Pennington, President of Pennington Performance Group, helps leaders build cultures that achieve results by leveraging the power of relationships and responsibility. His work produces measurable increases in employee retention, productivity, and profits. Author of On My Honor I Will and Results Rule!®, Pennington’s expertise has made him an internationally respected guest commentator with appearances on CNN, PBS, Fox News, the ABC Radio Network, and the BBC. His ideas have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Executive Excellence, Training & Development, in numerous newspapers, and many professional/trade association journals.

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Broadcast 10 months ago at Swatantra Palya, Sevashrama, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
by Radhakrishna murthy's channel

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 Image (450015) image uploaded on 20-05-13
Broadcast 11 months ago at Oconomowoc Heights, Oconomowoc, WI 53066, USA
by Emily's channel

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Tags: mit romney, economic views, changing behavior

Believe in America. This quote was said by Mit Romney while he's running for the presidency earlier last year. Mit Romney really emphasizes quote because he thought that change in America could happen in with the right support system and people backing him up that America could change and that if it did change it would help it a lot. Even though he came up short. This slogan was a very catchy one and caught the attention of many Americans. Americans actually believed in what Mit Romney was saying because he emphasized believed in America so much that it was hard for people not to believe him. Since eighteen fifty four there has been eighteen Republicans in office. The last is George W Bush in two thousand and nine. An economic views Republicans were very conservatives the youth and health care include ___ Obama Care ABC which stands for abstinence(?) being faithful and changing behavior is living no abortion.

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 Image (255848) image uploaded on 11-12-12

ABC Radio Hobart interviews Save the Children’s Tasmanian Programs Manager Lisa Cuatt about the opening of the state’s first Migrant Family Toy Library.

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 Image (52719) image uploaded on 20-06-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Rutland, KS, USA
by Abc friends

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Tags: blonde hair, short story, teenage girl

Hi I'm Abigail and I just read this really awesome short story. It's called American History by ___. It goes back in 1960's but don't be scared because you can totally relate to it ___ there's a really ___ Hispanic and ___ no blue eyes blonde hair and all that and they really like each other but ___ together. The short story is fabulous and I don't like short story. I also learned so much about America and how awful it was when JFK died. Just so much better out the story and you could take it from me. Your average everyday teenage girl

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 Image (52719) image uploaded on 20-06-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Abc friends

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