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 Image (560863) image uploaded on 08-07-13

Pastor Joshua Guilbeau teaches on love, speaking in tongues, prophecy and orderly worship. 1 Corinthians 14.

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 Image (524728) image uploaded on 24-06-13

Pastor Joshua Guilbeau. Spiritual Gifts.

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He stood a soft with celestial palace on the clouds. Down his judgmental gifts fell and rested upon a mortal woman. He had never want allowed his attention to turn to this girl before her that is. She intrigued him with her dark hair and bright eyes not even the angelic female of heaven had succeeded in earning his affection. The feathers on his golden wings ruffled(?) at the side of her. That he could not have her. He was created by the one true Jessie to be a mortal and powerful. She would eventually done it have a brief as it would kill him. Even knowing this part of him wanted to try. Worst from the grief of her inevitable death. He could not live without the knowledge of her name. That however would lead to a curiosity as far expanded past her name. What made her laugh over her goals in life. Would she be interested in. She'd already vowed to find the answers to his

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 Image (31126) image uploaded on 08-10-13
Broadcast about a year ago
by Bethel-Park Bible Chapel

Tags: Christianity, Service, SpiritualGifts

Church Essentials: The Call To Christian Service

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 Image (284904) image uploaded on 17-01-13
Broadcast about a year ago at Lee's Summit, MO, USA
by Joleen's channel

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Tags: empowerment, lessons learned, greatest gifts

Do we really learn from our mistakes or do we try to get away from them as fast as possible. Is it possible that our lessons can be our greatest gifts?

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Broadcast about a year ago at Hawes, North Yorkshire, UK
by Kay's channel

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Tags: plan leader, shining stars, last thought

I'm just not ready to retire ten years the last thought I had perfect timing for my retirement from the classroom after all 30 years and older should be plenty of time to spend with teenagers and my english class ___ been plan leader there was always at least one kid that wanted to give me a grief about every assignment that's in through also will shining stars that made it all worth while when my big day came I was ready to read my projector and my dry race markers behind. After all I had been to lovely dinners had been given the party gifts and have heard all the good wishes from my colleagues I have had my last couple seniors wish them the very best in the coming years and sent them on their way now it was time for me to go

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Broadcast about a year ago
by uchenna's channel

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Tags: fulls, better tomorrow, gears

Hello this is my essay on leadership. The generation is defined by it's ability to create to invent and from that it's ability to lead the next one on to do the same. From that generation only few have in their rate of qualities leadership. The ability to set in motion that gears for a brighter today, a promising future and a better tomorrow but here's way a problem occurs, only few with one with, were born to be leaders to have leadership not only as a quality but as a part of them, but yet of that few, there are some ___ not to use their ability, who said I ___ and watch as there gifts really disappears. These are the truth, fulls(?) of our generation. Those who sit to, those who sit and wait for others to lead them for a person to follow

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