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Broadcast about a month ago
by Sonia's channel

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 Image (116359) image uploaded on 18-11-13
Broadcast 2 months ago
by Pole of Cold Expedition 2013

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I think the distances that we've been driving every day and the fact that we've just been travelling every single day has caught up with all of us a bit for the last few days and we're all really tired and a bit groggy a bit reluctant to get going in the morning cos it's quite a long way and it's quite a long period of time that we've been on the road and I think we could all do with a big sort of steak here with chips and a big bottle of red wine right now but we don't get that here. In the cafes and things generally the choice is meat with any form of carbohydrate you desire so meat with potato meat with rice meat with pasta meat with buckwheat with a deep fried doughnut either has cabbage or potato inside it followed by either another deep fried doughnut with jam in it or if you're really lucky you might get pancake.

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Broadcast 3 months ago
by Clara's channel

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 Image (40666) image uploaded on 18-02-12
Broadcast about a year ago
by Chip's Tips

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Tags: Homosexual, Gay, Bible

Our culture is struggling to find an answer to the issue of gay and lesbian rights. Some have abandoned the Bible altogether. Some have only abandoned the parts about "loving your neighbor." Here Pastor Chip gives a response to the issue that embraces both.

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 Image (85867) image uploaded on 10-04-13

Hello and welcome to budding wife event dot com second podcast(?). This is James and Kristella(?). Broadcasting from the Horse Gap on the applition(?) trail. Today we hike ten point three miles from Premier Mountain to Horse Gap and man do my feet hurt. My legs are pretty depleted so it's a good thing we're taking it a little bit easier with the lower mileage here at the start as we get used to the well and also and our first terrain thanks for awaited for us to get our tent set up so were actually under cover or the first terrain and we been heard one lightning strike about few minutes ago so glad to be dry right now. Today we saw some squirrels some birds and I even saw a chipmunks that spy me.

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Broadcast about a year ago at Hawes, North Yorkshire, UK
by Quiana's channel

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Tags: wheat starch, word chips, us food and drug administration

Did you know that Pringles(?) aren't actually potato chips. It's like this they originally called Pringles(?) new face of potato chips. However due to the fact that they only contain about twenty two percent potato based contents which most of the rest came from wheat starch and various types of flower including some corn and rice. The US Food and Drug Administration made them change the name to their product and technically meet the definition of a potato chips. So they were only allowed to use the word chips in very restricted ways. If you go to changing the name from potato crisp rather than chips. ___ changing to crisp ultimately having into same type of trouble in the United Kingdom. First Google. Look it up on the internet. Do it. Where is the hash ___. Let's see. There it is.

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Well hello there Vanessa, and welcome to Invicating(?) where the sun is shining for the invicating(?) highland games 2012 I never thought I'd need my sun tan cream down here this afternoon I was I thinking actually that I probably need my welly's(?) more than anything else about it is a glorious glorious sunny afternoon here and it's great to see so many of the community have turned out for this huge event and it's on a really massive arena there's already events going on inside the the main arena itself if track and field events aren't for you there's plenty of other stuff going on all around the actual site itself I'm sitting next to the children's dip slide at the moment which can I say looks like terrifying but I might be prepared to give it a go so let me on it later on you might not be surprised to know that I'm always so standing next to the ice cream van and the chips as well and hamburgers on to ___.

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 Image (183456) image uploaded on 02-08-12
Broadcast about a year ago at Ards, UK
by Darzo's Days

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