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Broadcast about an hour ago at Castel San Pietro Terme, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
by Beata Luiza's channel

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Broadcast about 2 hours ago
by Shane's channel

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Episode #1. We talk Deadpool, Lex Luthor, Transformers Cinematic Universe, Empire Awards. Rants and Raves. And Power Rangers.

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Broadcast about 2 hours ago at Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK
by stefsvoice4you Broadcast

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Tags: colour card, stefsvoice4u, positive affirmations

Today's podcast share is a Colour Card reading, and the colour is pink-sending out love & letting it in. Let's be open to receiving goodness & support from others. We are worthy! Find us on twitter @AffirmationTym

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Broadcast about 3 hours ago at Madison County, AL, USA
by Rusty's channel

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The Middle Ages

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