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Great ! Felicity, you let us really appreciate these 'little things' in every-day-life. How lovely ! Thanks.

Posted by: Nelly Ramirez 7 years ago
Well done Felicity! You deserve all those little luxuries! :)

Posted by: janetstanley1@hotmail.co.uk 7 years ago
All the joys of the ice you have had, will now be a lost comfort . . lol . . now day AND night, normal food, and a bed, with duvet no less :-) ... Great to hear you happy and enjoying freedom from 'iceroutine'

Posted by: Steve Ramshaw 7 years ago
You're back in civilization, with all it's creature comforts. Eat, eat, eat, and sleep, sleep, sleep, and enjoy the very large pants you're wearing, I think a lot of us are envying you on that issue. Glad to hear you're voice sounding so happy. Can't wait to see pictures and hear or read stories. A book, maybe?

Posted by: charlotte wheater 7 years ago
You sound very happy today!

Posted by: Peter 7 years ago
So great to hear you're enjoying the simple pleasures--soft bed, duvet, toast, the scent of grass--that you left behind in November. Thank you for continuing to share the stories from your journey with us.

Posted by: Marie 7 years ago
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. It was amazing. Enjoy the warmth, the food, the soft bed, you so deserve to.

Posted by: Judy Elliott 7 years ago
Happy to hear you made it to Chile safely! You'll have to forgive all of your new fans, after 2 months of following you we have all gotten to know you and of course with that formed a bond. We celebrated with you, worried with you, shared your happiness and misery along the way and will continue to be interested in whatever happens to you in the future. Thanks for sharing your incredible achievement with the world !

Posted by: Forrest Nelson 7 years ago
Aren't all those little things you've missed for the past 59 days so very special, when you get to indulge in them again? Enjoy to the max! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. A book maybe? Carole

Posted by: Carole Palmroth Lincoln, CA USA 7 years ago
Just a head's up, an individual can tolerate incredible stress and feel pretty good coming out of the ordeal. Weeks even months later, we are flummoxed when things start going wrong for no apparent reason. Be gentle in your expectations for yourself for AT LEAST three months. And I still recommend a physical exam with full blood work to assess the toll that has been taken and to drive your recovery efforts.

Posted by: Margaret Donohue 7 years ago
It was really great following your adventure! I face constant struggles with constant pain and disabilities, but always dreamed of going to Antarctica so it was a bit like being there traveling with you in a way, following with you! Not since I read Adm Bryd's book Alone have I felt so close to someone, like I was there myself! it was great, almost wish it wasn't over!


Posted by: stephen bennett 7 years ago
Ref your comment concerning the weight loss, the body resorts to burning protein for energy as a last resort. When you burn protein, you feel wasted/like crap physically and mentally. Befpre you upped your caloric-intake, you reported feeling like that. In all likelihood, you lost body fat almost exclusively. An immersion body fat measurement would be enlightening; but I still recommend a blood workup to identify deficiencies that need to be addressed during your recovery. When planning your nutritional requirements next trip, remember that calories are not the exclusive concern. You should endeavor to insure you get enough protein (12-15% of calories). P.S. Have you survived your sugar high? Eating more sensibly now?

Posted by: Margaret Donohue 7 years ago
Endurance endeavors take obvious and not so obvious tolls on the body some of which you are experiencing (e.g., muscular aches and pains). A smart marathoner (26.2miles) runs 3 to 6 miles within 24 hours of race finish to encourage the removal of waste products from the working muscles. He/she will also focus on consumption of fruits and vegetables (oranges, tomatoes, and bananas) and sports drinks (i.e., Gatorade) to replenish electrolytes. Post-event "wastedness", achey muscles, etc. are representative of the hangover that endurance exacts on the body. Now, THINK ABOUT the effort you expended and the conditions under which you did it. Ski, walk, run or swim for a while each day; and emphasize fruits, vegetables and high quality protein (e.g., poultry and fish) in your diet. Add quality sleep, and you will have helped this, often unpleasant process, along quite a bit. P.S. I'm reading CALL OF THE WHITE on my Kindle (e-reader)...

Posted by: Margaret Donohue 7 years ago

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