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Transantarctic Expedition - talking about amazing day, antartica, hercules, rodeo, little bit

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 Image (40575) image uploaded on 31-10-11
What a journey, indeed! You did it! Congrats! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

Posted by: Janine 5 years ago
Thats absolutely fantastic!such wonderful news and so moving to hear your words of joy,brilliant!

Posted by: chrissie 5 years ago
What a total inspiration Felicity! Well done you - amazing, totally amazing! xxxx Tom &Flora xxxx

Posted by: Flora & Tom Corbett 5 years ago
CONGRATS on your arrival at Hercules Inlet. What an amazing feat of strength, focus and determination. Very inspiring. Enjoy these last moments of solitude and savour your huge accomplishment!

Posted by: Marie 5 years ago
Felicity, you're my HERO !

Posted by: Nelly Ramirez 5 years ago
Great job. Followed your journey all the way.

Posted by: Rc Switzer 5 years ago
What a moment and memory to have.....to be savoured for the rest of your adventurous life! Huge well done. I hardly know you bit you have been able to reveal some of the most positive aspects of the human race. Well done!

Posted by: Manu 5 years ago
Congratulations! Your successful arrival has brought (happy) tears to my eyes. What a journey, and what a magnificent accomplishment!

Posted by: Laura Rediehs 5 years ago
After listening to your words, I know that only you will truly comprehend the personal costs and rewards for such an achievement. But, like thousands of others, I have been reminded of the strength of the human spirit to soar beyond horizons previously thought to be insurmountable. I offer you my thanks and my congratulations.

Posted by: Connie 5 years ago
Bravo Felicity, you are the most courageous women I know! This is really a fantastic achievement! I just found about your expedition recently but I admire you so much, hope to see some picture in the future, I believe they are amazing.

Posted by: Dan 5 years ago
Whoo Hoo! Amazing, Awesome, Courageous, Spectacular, Astoding, dazling, fabulous, miraculous, eye-opening,astonishing, prodigious, stupendous, remarkable, startling and wonderful. But most important of all, inspirational. Congratulations from Vail, Colorado!

Posted by: Peter 5 years ago
Well Done Felicity, Feel the moment, we're all really proud of you. Love and Huge Congratulations from all of us in Kent and everyone in Wales. Wonderful Achievement!xx

Posted by: Wendy, Kel Arthur 5 years ago
A truly historical and remarkable achievement. Well done indeed!!!

Posted by: Sean Chapple 5 years ago
Congratulations ona wonderfully journey .we have followed your every step. Lots of love from us and all at CGR.

Posted by: Wendy,Alan and Susan 5 years ago
DONE GOOD YOU!!! I wish you a speedy and successful return to the world you left at home... Can't wait for the book!

Posted by: Margaret Donohue 5 years ago
Felicity, what can I say that hasn't been said. Tears of happiness on my part and so very happy for you and your incredible accomplishment. I have followed your every step, listened to your phone blogs, worried about you at your low times and cheered at your high points, of which there were many. Now go and enjoy your accomplishment with some of the fine things civilization has to offer. Sleep well and warm tonite.

Posted by: charlotte wheater 5 years ago
Truly inspiring. Congratulations and well done! From Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Posted by: Joan 5 years ago
Many congratulations on behalf of the Trustees and supporters of the British Antarctic Monument Trust for your successful crossing and thanks for your magnificent fund raising effort. Http://tiny.cc/ibdlu

Posted by: Rod Rhys Jones 5 years ago
We cannot wait to see you in Hay 1/3, Eardisley 2/3 and Hereford 3/3. Email me for details so you can share such an incredible experience too. Felicity - you are an absolute wonder.

Posted by: dbennett195@btinternet.com 5 years ago
I cried happy tears right along with you. What a totally amzing feat you have accomplished. I wish you only the very best as you journey through the rest of your life. You Go Girl! Carole, from CA,USA

Posted by: Carole Palmroth 5 years ago
Yea for our Felicity !!! Tears and Hugs...

Posted by: C. Preston and the Girls 5 years ago
Congratulations Felicity! Another amazing achievement! Been following all your adventures since you spoke at TGS prize giving in 2006 and you just continue to inspire me! All the best, Clare

Posted by: Clare Howes 5 years ago
Felicity, I have been following you all way since Robbie Scahill told me of your adventures. What an amazing person your are and what an amazing achievement. Congratulation, many, many of them. You have put Hildenborough on the map again!

Posted by: Gloria from Hildenborough 5 years ago
Listening to your voice today made me cry with excitement. I have been living vicariously through your journey for the past 2 months. I'm so relieved you made your goal safely. What an amazing inspiration for us women!!!

Posted by: Tammy from Washington state, USA 5 years ago
Felicity - Absolutely brilliant!! Congratulations! Cheers, george

Posted by: George Hess, Knightdale, NC, USA 5 years ago
We have been with you every step of the way. When your tent tore and you lost a glove we began to worry but you have preserved and made it in fine shape. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, we so enjoyed it sitting in our warm and cozy living room...you are a wonder! Udall, Kansas USA

Posted by: Dwight and Beth Ramsey 5 years ago
YAY - You did it!! So proud of you that you hung in there even when it was getting pretty ugly. Incredible doesn't seem adequate word to describe what you've accomplished Felicity, maybe incredible to the 3rd power is a little better!
Once again congratulations and of course a million thank you's for sharing all of this with us.
We love you in Canada!

Posted by: Forrest Nelson 5 years ago
It's 11pm where I am and it appears you reached the coast about 2 hours ago. I am so happy for you and also so glad you are safe. You just stretched the boundaries for what everyone and anyone can achieve. I've been telling people about you and they just shake their heads in amazement because it doesn't seem possible. Well you are tops. Thank you.

Posted by: Carol O'Connor 5 years ago
Absolutely amazing Felicity!! Huge congratulations to you for an amazing achievement - you are an inspiration - can't wait to hear your recollections. We've been with you every step of the way and are relieved and proud that you have finished. With love - Sue &Mick Warwicker

Posted by: Sue & Mick Warwicker 5 years ago
Wow! Absolutely amazing. Enjoy and savour your achievement!

Posted by: Linda 5 years ago
Whoop whoop! Massive well done lady - so impressed and proud. Good luck with the reentry syndrome.

Posted by: Sarah Outen 5 years ago
Yaaaaahhhhhooooo!! Hurray!! Congratulations on your amazing finish and completion of this long and interesting journey. You rock!! Along with all of the other comments listed here, I congratulate you on a job well done. It is a understatement to just say congratulations. Hard to describe in words what you were able to do, but savour every moment of the finale here and take it all in. All the best, Bonnie Krim in Colorado

Posted by: Bonnie Krim 5 years ago
Wow! What an accomplishment! What a wonderful role model you are! Since you started your trip, I learned of your book and read it; also read the book you cited, "Icewalk". Can hardly wait for your book about this trip.

Posted by: Jill Upton 5 years ago
Congratuation on your success.. Now to share a laugh.. Your Tweet says "!!!Felicity has reached her destination-Hercules Inlet-after 59days !!!Congratulations to the 1st female to traverse Antarctica SOLO.V proud" so I realize someone is tweet for you all along the trip.. then listen to the Phonecast and you say "It been the most amazing day" but computer translates as Hey Steve, the most amazing day. so I think Oh it is Steve doing the tweets... haha Anyway Wonderful, followed every day.. proud of your success

Posted by: John NB Canada. 5 years ago
I am an elementary school teacher in Gallup, New Mexico. My third grade students and I have been tracking your progress since we heard of your expedition back in December. I cannot wait to share the news with them tomorrow that you have completed your journey! Congratulations! And thanks for being an inspiration to so many!

Posted by: S Peine 5 years ago
Great job! You're a very brave woman. I've been following you for over a month.

Posted by: Ann Stone 5 years ago
Congratulations! So glad to hear you at the end of your journey. Remarkable! I will be looking to read your book as well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. From North Carolina

Posted by: Judy 5 years ago
Congratulations! You've done something that most of us cannot even dream of.

Posted by: wooway 5 years ago
I have been following you since a few days before reaching the south pole."Worst Journey in The World" is one of my favorites, now you are. Amazing feat, you are a very determined and inspiring person. Congratulation!

Posted by: Peter Duquette, Rhode Island ,USA 5 years ago
Isn't it always the case.... hurry up and wait. Consider that the weather is only affording an evening of quiet reflection BEFORE the storm!?*

Posted by: Margaret Donohue 5 years ago
Wow! You are an absolutely amazing human being, Felicity. Thank you ever so much for sharing your awe-inspiring journey with all of us. You certainly have more courage and internal fortitude than anyone I've met. Leigh in Colorado Springs

Posted by: Leigh Westin 5 years ago
Hooooraaaayy!! Shoot off the fireworks and bang the pot lids!! Felicity has arrived safely, no matter the weather or hardship. Great news! Enjoy the moment, rest up and regain your lost weight, Felicity. And -- what's next?

Posted by: Joanne Rauch, Oregon 5 years ago
Hip, hip, hoorah! Hip, hip, hoorah! Hip, hip, hoorah! I drank a toast to you tonight. An epic journey comes to an end. One for the record books and the ages! Total congrats.

Posted by: Dwight Barnette 5 years ago
Well done Felicity, what an amazing person you are.

Posted by: Colin Pickering 5 years ago
A truly inspirational woman - you're amazing! Congratulations Felicity.

Posted by: Fi & Pete - Rohan Hay-on-Wye 5 years ago
Felicity, what can I say that has not already been said?! I am in awe of your achievement, you take Girl Power to a new level!
So looking forward to seeing you in Saddleworth next month. Many congratulations from all at Saddleworth WI. Now take a well earned rest..........until the next time......!

Posted by: Chris Ronan 5 years ago
Felicity --- many,many congratulationg !! Hoping to see you with BAMT
Ken and Jean Gibson

Posted by: Ken gibson 5 years ago
Sincere congratulations from the Captain Scott Society. Well done. We salute you.

Posted by: Peter Jones 5 years ago
Three cheers and more, Felicity! You did it!!!

Posted by: Nancy Abeiderrahmane 5 years ago
we have been tuned into your progress for almost two months Well done Felicity. You did it!!!
Forest and Rick Taves Ontario, Canada

Posted by: Forest Taves 5 years ago
Congratulations Felicity on a great achievement!

Posted by: Sandra 5 years ago
Thank you for all the inspiration and positive energy your adventure has created ~ Remarkable <3

Posted by: Deborah, Indiana USA 5 years ago
A wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations!

Posted by: Cindy 5 years ago
You've made me so proud to be a human being.

Posted by: Chris 5 years ago
Well done Felicity! I loved following your journey, what an inspiration you have been!

Posted by: melanie 5 years ago
Admiro su tenacidad, comparto la sensación de su último día

Posted by: Nahúm Argenis 5 years ago
Good job felicity! I hope your plane comes soon. I hope you have a lot of rest! (from Helen age 8 in Austin, Texas who's been following Felicity)

Posted by: Laurie Eiserloh 5 years ago
Felicity Aston, YOU'RE A ROCK STAR!!!! Well done and Congratulations!!

Posted by: Marie NYC 5 years ago
VERY VERY WELL DONE, I am so chuffed you had brilliant weather and could enjoy the views to the Ellsworth Mountains. At this time of year in 1984 I was on the Skytrain Ice Rise and experienced 50 knot gales that kept us tent bound for more than a week and and left us with 3 foot high rock hard sastrugi to travel over. When I saw your schedule before your exped I was worried that you might experience the same. Once again well done, I take my hat off to you. An amazing acheivement, you are an inspiration. Carpe Diem

Posted by: Donald Stewart 5 years ago
Thank YOU Felicity for sharing your challenge world wide. You deserve the best this life has to offer...I look forward to reading your book and to hearing more Felicity Bucket List Endeavors!

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