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Transantarctic Expedition - Part 2 - talking about crystal mountains, hs degree, light in the tunnel, finish line

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Part 2

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Posted by: PETER COULTER 6 years ago
Stay safe, keep tweeting!

Posted by: caramia 6 years ago
You are almost there! God-speed you to the end as Peter says

Posted by: Bonnie Krim 6 years ago
It's hard to believe, but you are almost there. As Peter says, stay safe! Go girl, one ski in front of the other!!! I'm so very excited for you.Good vibes and lots of thoughts going your way.

Posted by: charlotte wheater 6 years ago
Be safe and enjoy what remains of this journey. I, for one, will miss hearing your recap of each day. Soak it in... the finish will rush toward you the closer you get to it. I see peanut butter (and all good things) in your immediate future!

Posted by: Margaret Donohue 6 years ago
Amazing trip. Really interesting following your journey. Nothing but pure admiration for you.

Posted by: Brent Barton 6 years ago
Felicity will be presenting in Hay 1/3, Eardisley 2/3 and Hereford 3/3. Email dbennett195@btinternet.com for details.A star performer.

Posted by: dbennett195@btinternet.com 6 years ago
Congratulations on finally getting to the coastal mountains! I'm sending you sunny vibes and hoping they are getting through to you to help make the last few days bearable. Here's hoping you can somewhat enjoy the last few days before your remarkable journey is ended.
Best wishes !

Posted by: Forrest Nelson 6 years ago
yeah! Really on the home stretch now. God speed and enjoy.

Posted by: linda 6 years ago
This is so great. Just as Charlotte says, I will miss these daily updates. Felicity you have made my day - each day. Will email to see if there is a date I can make to actually see you. 'Keep going' has been my mantra since I started following you. Eyes shut, I just pray.

Posted by: Carol O'Connor 6 years ago
It must have been such an emotional moment to finally seeing the coastal mountains, it was interesting hearing you say it feels almost spiritual in Antarctica-it reminded me of reading Shackleton's account of crossing South Georgia &how he felt he was accompanied by not just Crean &&orsley but by an extra 'person'. so pleased you are doing well, looking forward to hearing next update! :)

Posted by: Jan Stanley 6 years ago
You are going to create history very very soon.. This is it felicity!
Fingers crossed! Ul get there soon..

Posted by: Gigi 6 years ago
Way to go Felicity, I have always said to Hayley 'Best foot forward' and that seems to work for her!You certainly have had to move your feet many, many miles, well done. Hope they stay strong for the next few days. xx

Posted by: wendy and kel arthur 6 years ago
We are so very proud of you and happy for you Felicity! We will keep praying for you and we know that God is with you, protecting you. God bless you!

Posted by: Ernie Adsett 6 years ago
Felicity, have been following and listening to you since your Mum told us before Xmas Our thoughts and prayers are willing you on over the next few momentous days. Lots of Love Carol, JV, Mike and family.

Posted by: Carol Vassalli (Emery) 6 years ago
First heard of your adventure on NPR and continued to follow vicariously your daily postings. Enjoy the exhilarating days to come. Wishing you a strong finish!

Posted by: Michael Suniga 6 years ago
Hi Felicity have been following your blog and just listened to your latest broadcast -lovely to hear your voice, you sound in good spirits now that you can see the Crystal Mountains.
Keep going; the finish line is coming towards you.
Shake those bananas love and prayers Clare &Tony. xxx

Posted by: clare & tony capozzi 6 years ago
Hi Felicity, Fantastic, just a bit more to do. What an amazing person you are.

Posted by: Colin Pickering 6 years ago
Your site was posted on the Wyoming Women's Foundation facebook page, and I've been riveted ever since. I can't believe I've seen sastrugi all my life but never known the word! Thanks for educating all of us.

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