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Transantarctic Expedition - talking about sky and sun, christmas snow, bright surface, soft snow, bad weather

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 Image (40575) image uploaded on 31-10-11
Can just imagine snowfall from a blue sky. Remember lots of people following your progress--Hang in there and stay warm!!

Posted by: judy 6 years ago
Felicity! You are in my thoughts every day! And prayers! I live in OHIO, U.S.A. and we've had "arctic winds". My husband and I had a snow day so we went out for a walk. I talked about you the whole time, everything you've been through and how awesome you are doing. I've heard all your tweets. I've traveled to over 35 countries in my 36 years...with Antarctica being my last continent to travel to. Someday... You are living my dream....I couldn't physically handle what you are doing; I don't know anyone who could. You are super woman! You are queen of the road! You are one phenominal female! Just think; you are almost there! All eyes on YOU! You can do it! Go Go GO! And you did it by yourself; you didn't have a team of sled dogs with you! Girl; you deserve an Emmy and an Oscar not to mention a Golden Globe! Keep the spirit; Chin up! I'd love to meet you one day and I'm definitely reading your book(s). Carpe Diem!

Posted by: Kristie Shoulders 6 years ago
Another day, another 20NM? Sorry to hear about the bad weather, hopefully it'll be better tomorrow. The sun will shine for you again. Sending you positive thoughts and vibes. Your voice sounded up again despite the bad weather and that's always a good thing. Good luck tomorrow.

Posted by: Charlotte Wheater 6 years ago
Hang in there..........Your almost home.....and you have all these cheerleaders^^^^^^^^^^^^rooting you on!!!

Posted by: PETER COULTER 6 years ago
Another day completed. Not too much longer. You can do this. My sentiments of all of the other commenters above. One day at a time and you will be at your goal soon. Safe travels

Posted by: Bonnie Krim 6 years ago
Watching your bio, I saw you pulling tires along the beach and thought it might be a good way to get rid of mole hills on my 3 acres. So as you pull your sled, I will be pulling tires at the same time. You won't be alone, in spite of the distance. We are all with you. Push on!

Posted by: Joanne Rauch 6 years ago
Another day done, more miles completed!You can do it! Sorry the weather has not been good &you feel lonely, you are almost there :)

Posted by: Janet Stanley 6 years ago

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