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Transantarctic Expedition - talking about rations, half an hour, calories, sleep

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 Image (40575) image uploaded on 31-10-11
Sweet dreams......And here's hoping for another day of sunshine tomorrow!

Posted by: PETER COULTER 6 years ago
Glad to hear that the day was ok and the sun shining. That always seems to lift your spirits, especially sun and no wind. Good luck tomorrow, I hope the noodles keep you going.

Posted by: charlotte wheater 6 years ago
Hang in there, Felicity! Endurance exercises stretch one to limits quite beyond our imagination. Eat, eat eat. Invest in more sleep; your body is barking at you for what it needs to carry-on. Don't worry about the nail. Like in runners, nails suffer foot trauma over long hauls. Just keep an eye out for any changes around that toe. We are pulling for you and praying that the stress remains manageable.

Posted by: Margaret Donohue 6 years ago
I am glad to hear that you had a lot of sunshine during the last day. I agree with the endurance exercise information. You definitely have an amazing amt of endurance which combines your mental and physical strengths. Get as much rest as you can squeeze in and eat w/o guilt. You are getting closer to your destination, one day at a time. Stay strong and believe!!

Posted by: Bonnie Krim 6 years ago
I am following your progress from Mumbai, India. It is amazing to see how technology helps people like you stay in touch with entire world. Happy to know your day to day progress and wish you best LUCK

Posted by: arvin shah 6 years ago
It sounds like you're really enjoying your journey, unlike most accounts of polar exploration I've read which make it sound like continuous torture! I do hope the conditions remain kind and the sun keeps shining...

Posted by: Andrew Smith 6 years ago

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