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Transantarctic Expedition - fitness, better than yesterday, snow pack

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 Image (40575) image uploaded on 31-10-11
Merry Christmas!!!!

Posted by: PETER COULTER 6 years ago
Amazing to follow Felicity on Christmas eve here in Canada. Best wishes and may the spirits of Shackleton, Amundsen be with her.

Posted by: Brian Greenway 6 years ago
wish you merry Christmas and safe return from India.

Posted by: arvind shah 6 years ago
Merry Christmas from Atlanta Georgia. Stay strong and good luck on your final leg.

Posted by: Tom Dorsey 6 years ago
Merry Christmas Felicity! You are in our thoughts! Btw my daughter wants to know(and so do I) if you happened to run onto an old chubby jolly old man up there?

Posted by: Nadia Tatikian 6 years ago
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year -- From
Gainesville, Florida

Posted by: Allan Pither 6 years ago
Merry Christmas! Please know that many people around the world are following you and cheering you on to your goal!

Posted by: Ben Miller 6 years ago
Wishing you a sunny,calm Christmas Day full of all good things. Keep up the good work. You are in our thoughts and prayers.called

Posted by: Margaret Donohue 6 years ago
Merry Christmas and once again you're just a amazing person! Wishing you a safe journey filled with sunshine and calm, comfortable conditions!

Posted by: Marian Greksa 6 years ago
Dear Felicity
Merry Christmass. May the laboratary of your mind create
All the energy for u to complete
Your endeavor and motivate
Mere mortals like me:-D

Posted by: bishwajeet dutt 6 years ago
My Christmas wish is for good weather for you. Your Christmas of 2011 will be a most memorable one. Godspeed.

Posted by: Dwight Barnette 6 years ago
Happy Holidays to you on the 2nd leg of your journey, and I hope you enjoy your Christmas day. Pretty soon, you will be at the half way point of your journey; if you are trying to do it in 70 days, then in 2-3 days, it will be around half way. Way to go!! And have a great new years day, too.

Posted by: Bonnie Krim 6 years ago
Merry Christmas young lady from Vail, Colorado. Make sure to hang your stocking before you go to sleep......

Posted by: Saint Nick 6 years ago
My elementary class and I are following your progress with interest. Wishing you the best this Christmas morning from West Texas.

Posted by: Leslie Harman 6 years ago
Hope your christmas treats were wonderful. Keep up the strong effort.

Posted by: keith houck 6 years ago

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