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Transantarctic Expedition - 21st phonecast

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 Image (40575) image uploaded on 31-10-11
Better days ahead, hang in there........

Posted by: peter coulter 6 years ago
Thank you for letting us read about your experiences. You are in our thoughts.

Posted by: Janis M 6 years ago
An 'interesting' weather week in Scotland Felicity - snow, then ice, then floods &gales and back to more snow today. Had felt a bit daunted by the snow clearance ahead till I listened to your call! Hope you wake up well rested &&ack on top. It WILL be a better day today.

Posted by: Sue the non-aggressive pegger 6 years ago
13 miles is fantastic! As you say there will always be those days-how can you appreciate the good ones?!
Hope you have a better day!

Posted by: Janet Stanley 6 years ago
I've just found your ipadio 'casts and wish you good days ahead! The stars, when you can see them, must be fantastic.

Posted by: Geoff Scott 6 years ago
As a Brit in USA I am so proud of you. Keeping you in my prayers. Am checking daily.

Posted by: bernadette jadusingh 6 years ago
Remember when you are struggling with the difficult moments that we are there with you sharing and caring for your success.

Posted by: Reg Bradley 6 years ago
Yes keep going you are very brave, I hope you are going to write a book about it when you get back

Posted by: Michael H Bates 6 years ago

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