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Sarah Outen - 131st phonecast

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Broadcast 5 years ago
by Sarah Outen


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Sarah Outen - channel image uploaded on 21-Feb-11
Congratulations on crossing the Pacific

Posted by: Angela Hey 5 years ago
fantastic!what a truly epic journey you have been/are on!

Posted by: ian brocklebank 5 years ago
Hurrah, how excited you both must be but the islands certainly looked and sounded wonderful, which must have helped you on your way! Now for the wilds of North America, is Vancouver BC still on your upcoming itinerary and approximately when if it is?

Posted by: judith oakley 5 years ago
Where are you actually heading for to transfer to land for your journey? Are you going to Anchorage? Good luck - in continued admiration for your effort.

Posted by: Averil 5 years ago
Land Ahoy - check out those cycle shorts Sarah..... Tour de France hits London today so feel inspired. Very proud of you (both of you) mind those bears - carry the bells with you:) Susie and the Natracare Sisters xxxxx

Posted by: Susie Hewson 5 years ago

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