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the Johnson brothers

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Broadcast 4 years ago
by Rob's channel


Portland, yo.

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Portland, yo.

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For once you said it! Marks have not.a damn clue what the biz is really like!! Thank God somebody said it! I wish you the best dude!

Posted by: Courtney W Summers 4 years ago
i am wwe champ

Posted by: randy orton 4 years ago
i am stupid

Posted by: rob van dam 4 years ago
Und "die Noten" einen Scheiß auf die Meinung eines Pot-Head!

Posted by: Masch 4 years ago
And "the marks" give a shit on the opinion of a Pot-Head

Posted by: Masch 4 years ago
I work at a airport so if I come up to u for an autograph, don't think I am a stalker, LOL!

Posted by: kg4rxr 4 years ago

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