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Broadcast 3 years ago
by Rob's channel


Your opinion matters... To you, that is.

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Your opinion matters... To you, that is.

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Loved it. I am a fan for lifeand in Aistralia and its 6:40pm Wednesday night.

Posted by: Oscar 3 years ago
hahahaha this is great

Posted by: Chuck E. 3 years ago
Oh, god, this was fucking hilarious. Keep it up RVD, you're definitely one of a kind. I love it when it's 20 minutes after 4, and glad I follow you on twitter so you can remind me ;)

Posted by: Kayfabe2Masses 3 years ago
Love your blog rvd, just be you, ignore the haters because they will never be successful as you.

Have a good day :)

Posted by: Burt 3 years ago

Posted by: Oscar 3 years ago
I Can't Agree More People Are Stupid

Posted by: Jack D 3 years ago
I love these blogs! Giant ass fan of yours! Thank you for making these man.

Posted by: Mya 3 years ago
I don't think management knows that your swimming in a different kind of pool.

Posted by: Trey 3 years ago
There is a twitter following limit.

Posted by: Trey 3 years ago
i was awsome

Posted by: rob van dam 3 years ago
Awesome....RVD. Waiting for Smackdown 9/17/13 in Cincinnati to see you. Going for my son's 11 bday. Sitting in sec. 5 row F seats 13 and 14. Can we get an autograph??? Glad u r back in WWE. You brought me back, gave me a reason to watch again and now my son's favorite wrestler. He says he's never seen anyone like u. My response....he one of a kind. The real RVD!!! Please consider giving us an autograph. Thanks.

Posted by: Rick H. 3 years ago
Dont get mad at me I'm an rvd fan but I'm sure he was high during this

Posted by: Ghghgbhhb 3 years ago
"Many of you noticed my matches were better, but you couldn't put your finger on why they're better. I'm telling you it's because I'm swimming in a different pool."
LOL! Your WWE matches have been better? Says who? Rob Fat Dam is the same slacker going through the motions like he was in TNA. The only difference I can see is that Vince made his fat ass hit the gym to drop a few pounds &shrink his gut. What a dick!

"Some of the other guys - their achievements are not as grand, the stars that they have wrestled are not as well-rounded," Yeah I dare you to tell that to Kurt Angle's face you smack-talking, pot-smoking @sshole! Or Sting. Or Samoa Joe. Or Jeff Hardy. Maybe the Dudleys would double pound you into a marijuana-tainted red puddle. F*ck you Rob Fat Dam! You were dead weight in TNA and they're better off without you. Good riddance you fat ass, potsmoking, lazy ingrate!

Posted by: John Michael 3 years ago
^ u mad bro?

Posted by: Nathan 3 years ago
I smoked weed for a month, and because of it I have shitty memory. Now I have to try harder in school in order to even have a chance of having a successful career. It ruined my life.. I swear I wish I had never smoked that crap.

Posted by: Aperson 3 years ago

Posted by: Danny Williams 3 years ago
How does this man EVERRRRR pass a WWE wellness test?

Posted by: AJ Aries 3 years ago

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