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Broadcast 4 years ago
by Rob's channel


This is way too long to listen to.

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This is way too long to listen to.

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 Image (932233) image uploaded on 25-10-13
I actually listened to this entire thing but worth it. That seriously was the best FN 3 months of WWE TV in years and I probably won't watch again till you come back again. I wanna see a FN Van Daminator next time tho. @LJMTX

Posted by: LJ 4 years ago
listened to all of it RVD is actually a great speaker

Posted by: Ali Amaad 4 years ago
Just so you know some I don't want to see for a couple of weeks, or even from now on,but the way you entertain....need I say more, LOL!

Posted by: Holly 4 years ago

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