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Bec's Business - talking about pod cast, team members

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Broadcast 6 years ago
by Bec's Business


1st Pod cast - do as your told - yeah right!!!!

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1st Pod cast - do as your told - yeah right!!!!

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Please also use this pod cast to comment on whether pod casting is going to work or not!!!! Listen to the third podcast and decide whether it is too much.

Posted by: Bec 6 years ago
I reckon that's fair enough its a form of authority, don't see people walking around handing out tickets for smoking in the wrong area u see pig (cops, police officers)doing it

Posted by: ben johnson 6 years ago
I believe that, that is fair and resonable, but some people dont like being told what to do.

Posted by: Ashleigh Falconer 6 years ago
i think that it is not fair, everyone has to agree on it.

Posted by: Amy Toncik 6 years ago
It is fair to a certain extent.
It depends on what they are being told to do.

Posted by: Fletcher Gill-Furness 6 years ago
i think that the team members should be aloud to question what they have been told to do.

Posted by: Danielle 6 years ago
it depends on what is it. if its just a basic workplace task then yes they should listen and do as they are told but if its something that they dont believe they should have to do based on their job description then they have every right to question it

Posted by: Tania Ellul 6 years ago
it all depends what we are being told to do, aslong as the request is reasonable it should be done

Posted by: Corey Wade 6 years ago
If you are being told to do something that is resonable and in your job description then i agree

Posted by: Jaz 6 years ago
I agree but only if it's something that you would do, dont put your team members at risk.

Posted by: Sanh Martin 5 years ago
i completely agree with Danielle and Tania,
employees are people to and should only work in the designated areas unless trained otherwise,don't mind or completely legal circumstances.

Posted by: taya 4 years ago
I Agree as a manager, Team members should do as their told, Unless it's putting them at any risk.

Posted by: Kristal G 3 years ago

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